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Come and explore the south of Russia. Explorers will learn about a part of Russia that most have never seen.
The south of Russia is rich in history and natural beauty.

The world will discover this area in 2014 when the Winter Olympic Games take place in Sochi, on the coast of the Black Sea. Sochi boasts palm trees and banana trees but just a few kilometers away, in the Caucasus Mountains, the Games will take place.



When is the Deadline for Applications?
How Much Does the Program Cost?
What Will you Do in Stavropol?
What Will you See?
Who Should Come?
Where Will you Live?
What Do you Offer?
Information about Agency AKT

Questions and Answers

It is the responsibility of the participant to obtain their tourist visa from the Russian Consulate in their country. We will providing supporting documentation for your application for Visa
When is the Deadline for Applications?
All applications must be submitted along with a 50 Euros non-refundable deposit for courses by April 21, 2008.
How Much Does the Program Cost?
The price of 4,000 Euros includes the following:
  1. All course lessons and materials,
  2. Homestay accommodations in Stavropol and all destinations,
  3. Transportation costs while in Russia
  4. Meals for those living with and eating with their host family
  5. All regular meals while in transit between cities
  6. Tickets for all non-optional events
  7. Medical coverage while in Russia
The following items are not included in the package price:
  1. Any cost associated with optional activities
  2. Local bus or taxi service regarding day to day activities in Stavropol
  3. Meals for those students electing to stay in their own apartment or hotel
  4. Medical tests or procedures described as "preventative"
  5. Visa costs
  6. Airfare or other method of transportation from their country of origin to Rostov-on-Don and back
  7. Surcharge for flat or hotel accomodations
What Will you Do in Stavropol?
The bulk of the formal classroom lessons will take place in Stavropol. In addition, there are many planned activities for participants such as trips to the museums, theater, excursions around the city and social outings. Optional activities are also available such as going to nightclubs, sporting events, formal dining, concerts, circus, etc. The cost of these optional activities is not included in the package price.
What Will you See?
The program itinerary includes:
2 days in Rostov-on-Don
3 days in Sochi on the Black Sea
2 days in the Caucasus Mountains at Dumbai
2 days in Volgograd
2 days in Moscow
19 days in Stavropol
Who Should Come?
This program would be attractive to a variety of people for a variety of different reasons.

History teachers may want to explore the history of the south of Russia. Sites dedicated to World War II, Turkish conquests, campaigns by Alexander the Great and the turbulence of the Caucasus Region can all be found. There is even an ancient excavation of the Greek city Tanais (200 BC) where visitors can walk the ruins of streets and city squares.

Students of Russian language and culture would also benefit by attending the program. Several levels of Russian language will be taught depending on the student's level. Even those with no Russian language skills can participate in classes designed to provide a survival level of Russian. All students will have lessons about Russian culture.

Even people looking for adventure would appreciate the opportunity to take in what the south of Russia offers. Few foreigners from the west have had a chance to explore the Caucasus Mountains or experience the Black Sea. Sochi, a resort city on the Black Sea was recently awarded the 2014 Winter Olympic Games and will provide contestants and visitors an opportunity to live with palm trees and banana trees and then watch the Winter Olympics just a few kilometers away.
Where Will you Live?
Students have a choice of living accommodations. For some students, they may want to live in their own apartment and eat their meals at various nearby cafes and restaurants or prepare them themselves at home. Agency AKT will obtain an apartment for you and offer advice on where to get the kind of meals you would like to have. Everything is available from fast food (pizza, hamburgers and fries, fried chicken, etc.) to traditional Russian cuisine.

Other students may elect to stay with a Russian family. Here they will sample the same Russian dishes that families eat all over Russian, like borscht, ploav (a rice and meat dish) or Caucasian soups. In Russian homes, students will have a chance to speak with family members and learn about their everyday life.
What Do you Offer?
We offer a full immersion program for visiting students of the Russian language. Not only do we provide 4 hours a day of classroom lessons taught by qualified and experienced Russian teachers while we are in Stavropol, we offer a full range of cultural experiences. Students will take in the Caucasus Mountains, the Black Sea and Moscow as well as daily group activities selected to give students the flavour of Russian life.
Information about Agency AKT
Agency AKT was founded in 1995 and has been licensed with the Ministry of Education as a private educational organization every year since. We were part of the founding for the first UNESCO (United Nations Education Scientific and Cultural Organization) cell in the Stavropol region in September, 2004. Each year, our teachers lecture at universities across the south of Russia. Last year we participated in the Ministry of Education's summer courses designed to upgrade the level of public school language teachers. Our school is associated with the Moscow Government University affiliate in Stavropol, where our teachers conduct classes.

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